Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The continuation of the letter...

H! I already had posted our Muffin Tin Monday to show what H foods we ate for H day.

We also worked on decorating the House, so below you can see the two paintings that Jase did, to add to our wall in the dining room. My aunt had given me the center picture(s) as part of a graduation present, as well as an entire matching bed set that she made herself. I've always wanted to decorate an entire guest room around these, so hopefully when we move, these can hang in a bedroom instead of our dining room.

Here's the books that we read today - "Hector's Hiccups" was waaayyy longer than I expected it to be - I had a sore throat by the end of the book by making the hiccup noises. I didn't realize that it wasn't a preschool-ish book until we started it. "Ho for a Hat!" was another H book that we read today, it was..different, but we probably read it 4 times, so it must have been pretty decent. Jase especially liked the "guest appearances" of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Toto.

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