Friday, January 1, 2010

The End

So, we finished our entire alphabet, but we will continue adding new letter activities to this blog whenever we do any!  Until then, feel free to check out our new blog - Our Adventures in Education - to continue following all of the fun adventures we have in learning! =]

By the way - I used a great deal for a free Photobook and made a photobook for Jase - each page being one of his letters that he made.  Being only a 20 page photobook for free, I had to pay for the extra 6 pages, but it was a great deal to showcase Jasey's creations!  There are quite a few websites that are often giving away free photobooks - be sure to check out - Right now they are offering a free photobook every month - You could get 12 free photobooks by the end of the year, just from them!  If you end up getting one, leave a comment, we'd love to see it!