Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today's letter is..

F! And my digital camera is still out in my car, so once again, this was taken on my cell phone - sorry! I had no idea how tiring this letter-a-day idea was going to be - I am worn out, and we are already behind schedule! I can definitely already see an improvement, though - Just yesterday Jasey was talking to his Grandpa and said, "We're going to the museum - like, M for Museum!" We haven't even gotten to the letter M and I didn't say anything about museum starting with the letter M, so either it was a lucky guess or he really does understand this stuff! He's also able to recite a large part of our alphabet books by himself and will pick out letters while we are out and about during the day. I'm so proud of him!

Jasey had loads of fun making our F for Flag letter. We cut up squares out of tissue paper to make the stars, and he formed them around his fingers, dipped the ends in glue, and then pressed them onto the paper. He had loads of fun and would have covered the entire blue area with white "stars" if I would have let him! I will definitely have to incorporate this type of decorating into another project soon.

We got the book "Fritzi Fox Flew in From Florida", but honestly, I wasn't impressed at all. It's like the author wanted to rhyme, but then gives up and doesn't have it rhyme for awhile, and then the rhyming starts back up again. Every time I get into a "rhythm" with reading, there is a different amount of syllables, etc.. It's hard to explain, but Jase wasn't that interested in it, either, so two times was enough for today!

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