Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our letter for the past two days has been...

C! Jasey didn't grasp onto this letter quite as easily as he did with A and B, so we took and extra day to do even more C activities. While making the Caterpillar above, we read Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Although I didn't originally plan on it, he wanted to give the caterpillar "fur", like it has on the front cover - and he made it so much cuter by doing so!

Our first ever Muffin Tin Monday that we posted below was such a big hit - he begged to have his dinner served in a muffin tin, as well. Thankfully, it worked out well with what I had planned, and for dinner we had Chicken Salad in Cones (this definitely upset him when he saw me making it - Chicken Salad goes on bread, not in Ice Cream Cones. He threw a fit until he tasted it, then he decided it was definitely OK to put Chicken Salad into a Cone!), Cottage Cheese, and (Dried) Cranberries. The next day, we didn't really focus on C foods - for breakfast we had Alpha-Bits cereal, and he's really good at picking out all of the A's and B's - C's are a little harder, because they tend to be deformed in the cereal, but he was trying! For a special snack, we got some Cotton Candy.

Here are the books that we've enjoyed reading the past two days -

I was skeptical about the "My __ Sound Box"s at first - I didn't know if they would really be much help in learning the alphabet, but Jase really enjoys these - and so do I! They are written in a format that he is able to read along with me, and at the end of the book, it includes even more words that begin with that letter that he loves pointing out. These books get read over and over every day!

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