Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our letter of the day was...

A! So we made this Alligator - Jase did an excellent job at drawing on all of the scales and getting the eyes in the perfect spot. He needed a little help with aligning the teeth, but now it's hanging up over his bed to start a loonnggg line of letters!

We both tried two new foods today - Apricots and Avocado. We both chose to throw the avocado away after trying a tiny nibble - definitely not our idea of yummy, but the apricots were sooo good! I had bought 3 of them and Jase ate them all! I only got to eat 2 little slices. We also packed Applesauce and Animal Crackers in our lunch.

For our "non-A" activities, we went to two programs going on at two local parks - At the first we learned about trees and leaves and got to make leaf rubbings. Then, we went on a Scavenger Hunt at the second and found all sorts of things from the checklist - A pine tree, a leaf, a goose, a yellow flower, a bird, a dead tree, and more. It POURED rain while we were walking and we got completely soaked, but definitely had a good time. While heading back to hand in our checklist, we still were looking for ones that we couldn't find (a fish, a frog, a snake, and a furry animal) and there was a kitty by the side of the path! So we got to mark off one last find right before we handed it in. We definitely had a bunch of fun at the parks today! In the future, I hope I don't forget to bring along my camera.

Here are the books that we read today:

Note: We didn't read My "S" Sound Box, we read My "A" Sound Box, but Amazon wouldn't let me add that to my carousel, so I had to go ahead and add the S book, instead.

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