Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday's letter was..

G! A little late in posting, though, sorry! I originally wanted to make a Garden out of the G, but Jase llooveesss Giraffes and demanded that we make it into a Giraffe. It actually turned out better than I expected! For snacktime, we ate Grapes, plus we did all of our other every day activities for each letter - I'll have to take some pictures to show what our worksheets look like.

For our "non-G" activity, we went to a local park and learned about Butterflies and then got to catch some with nets. Jasey caught the first butterfly - a cabbage white - but it's really common so we let it go as soon as it got identified. We got to see a bunch of other species that the other's caught while we were there, though.

There weren't any special G books - Just "My G Sound Box" and we reviewed our other alphabet books. Now I am off to make our lunch for Muffin Tin Monday!

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