Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our letter today is...

D! Plus, I actually remembered my camera today, so there will be pictures! To celebrate the letter, we fed the ducks (more like fed the geese, but there were ducks nearby!)

In non-related "D" activities, we went to a Preschool Workshop and learned about Simple Machines - Gears, Levers, Pulleys, etc... We had fun using a pulley and lever combination to life an entire car! (The two boys together were a lot stronger than 1 boy + Mommy)

We also went around and interacted with some non-machinery exhibits.

Before I finish up this post, I wanted to mention one other alphabet technique that has really been working better than I expected with Jase - I went through old coloring books / activity books and found the Find-a-Word puzzles. Even though Jasey can't find actual words yet, he has tons of fun looking for letters. You can see below one of the puzzles that we worked on today - as well as his attempts of writing the letters himself. He doesn't need any help at all in finding the letters, so I really think it has helped him with letter recognition!

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