Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yesterday's letter was..

N! Can you tell what our letter is? We had to get pretty creative this week, but Jase is really having a lot of fun adding new elements to his letters lately! He's really doing good at all of his letters now, so we will probably pick up the pace and start doing at least 2 a day - especially when they are easy letters like O (which I will post in just a minute!).

If you've never been over to her site before, you should really check out Katie's Nesting Spot - we just won one of her giveaways for Chiquita smoothies and we are so excited, especially since I would have purchased this item either way, now we get a couple for free! Check our her blog at:

picnic button

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  1. Hello! Just came by to pick up your letter N project for our letter of the week and it was such a fun surprise to see my button here too!

    Katie, KNS