Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Letter S! For our S Day, we made this Snake. We also read " Secret Seahorse" by Stella Blackstone, but moved quickly onto our next letter, so we didn't do much else besides our Tracing and Find a Letter worksheets that we do for each letter.

By the way - each day, we've added a letter to our letter chain when we finish up. We erase the letter from our whiteboard, say "Bye Bye S!" (or whatever letter it is), and then add that letter to this chain, and it's getting quite long! I picked up the cute letter stickers that hold the paper chain pieces together from Michaels in their $1 section. Jase has a fun time trying to find the letter of the day in all of the stickers (and hasn't seem to caught on to the fact that they are all in order.. lol) I plan on using the letter chain possibly as a review of the entire alphabet once we finish all of the letters up.

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